21 October 2019

A survey was conducted at the Morobe show over the weekend to gauge feedback from members.

A total of 72 members were interviewed from various companies that exhibited at the showgrounds. Findings of the survey showed that;
• 45 were aware about saving for their retirement;
• 20 said that their retirement was for their financial need anytime they left work;
• While 6 said their super was purposely to buy a house; 
• 32% still prefer Newspapers to be the most preferred media with social media and website as optional mediums.
• 30 members preferred contacting the branch for enquiries, while 16 through the call centre and 14 through our website.
• 27 members wanted to know more about the benefits of contributing to the FUND, 27 also stated that wanted more information about the FUND’s Investments.
• Most interviewees prefer using mobile phones and emails in receiving messages or information.
• 53 interviewers were male and 19 female.
• 30 (18 – 30 years), 31 (31 – 45 years), 11 above 45 years.

The findings are key information for the business development team to understand members in the province to ensure ongoing
awareness and media campaigns are targeted for the best interest of members. The two day event assisted members with;
• Capturing 49 ID card images;
• 30 EDA SUPA forms;
• Identifying 4 New businesses (1 compulsory and 3 under voluntary super);
• Issuing of Member Online forms;
• Member update detail forms;
• General enquiries.

The BD would like to thank the Lae branch for the ongoing support in hosting a successful two day event.

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